I was alone.. But i wasn’t lonely.. I am smart enough to tell the difference.. This night of June 3, 2010, i was sitting on a bench just beside this old but beautiful tree.. I spent the first hour reading my book and the next, observing the wondrous world around me.. people playing, laughing, jogging, spending time with their special someone and some, just passing by.. i found myself waiting, waiting? what the heck was i waiting for? At first, i did not know the answer.. I put out my pen and my handy-dandy notebook and started drawing the historical tree beside me.. the sun was about to set.. The ambiance was perfect.. I finished my drawing just as the sun hid from the sight.. It was then that i realize, maybe Im just like this tree, waiting for someone to appreciate all its details hoping someday, when it will cease to live in this world, its existence won’t vanish with it but hopefully its image and memory would at least be drawn down on a piece of paper treasured by someone somewhere.. 

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